meh-wij, is what bwings us togeh-wer

so yes, i see it, my last post was august. sorry. my brother removes me from his 'favorite blog list' list if i don't post within a month, so i know one person that is not reading this! but oh well. well since my last post was about my engagement i thought it appropriate to make my next one about meh-wij.

a week ago today i married joanna, or she married me, whichever is more befitting. not much to talk to you about yet except i'm a husband and a dad all in the same day. pretty cool deal if you ask me! (joanna is sitting next to me as i type this and she's hounding me for saying 'not much to talk about yet'). when i said that i actually meant that there is not a whole lot to 'report' as of yet...no life-changing stories or hilarious antics. (she's still hounding me...she just said 'what you've had sex and there's no life-changing stories to talk about) *Joanna, please leave the bedroom talk OUT OF MY POST!!!!*

ok, moving on. i thought i would quickly give you my top 5 list:

tim's top five most-looking-foward-to-things-in-the-near-married-future list

5. us not having to pay two rents any more! i mean good lord!
4. ************** sorry no more bedroom talk i promised!
3. burrito nights (they are some good burritos!)
2. more kids, besides we already have a babysitter in the family (thanks madisyn!)
1. growing old with my old lady (really she is), but all kidding aside i can't wait to see the journey that lies ahead for us and all the crazy stuff we're going to get ourselves into!

well, we are in the DR right now, so it's kinda lame that i'm sitting here on the computer blogging about my life when there is sun to soak up, sand to walk on, and cappuccinos to delight ourselves with! till april...or sooner if you're lucky